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Manuals and other Documentation

Currently there is not much technical documentation about the Jassda framework. But at least for the Jassda 1.0 release we plan to have full documentation.

We have prepared a CSPJassda page describing the informal syntax and semantics of the Jassda Trace Checker module. With the feedback of our users we will try to improve it step by step.

In the mean time having a look at the examples that come with Jassda is the best starting point. Also the publications page is a good starting point.


We appreciate discussing featueres of the tool with you. The best way to do so is via the mailing list jassda-discuss. See the Lists page for instructions about how to subscribe.

Bugs and Features

We appreciate bug reports and feature requests for Jassda. If possible use the SourceForge Tracker system to report/request them. If this is not possible for you, e.g., because you do not have a SourceForge account, you can also email it.





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Module Documentation:

Jassda Trace Checker: CSPJassda

Documentation Resources:

Mailing Lists

Bug and Feature Tracker



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