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Getting Jassda

Jassda download is provided via the Jassda SourceForge-project page. You may choose between binary releases and source code releases.

Binary Realeases

Please go to the Files section. Before downloading any file you should read the release-notes. This notes will inform you what files you require to download.

new releases: After downloading you will have received an installer that comes as a runnable jar-archiv. The installer will let you install, remove or upgrade versions of Jassda. Execute it by (double-)clicking on the downloaded file or by executing it via the command java -jar <path/to/installer-jar>.

version 0.6 and before: After downloading you will have received a jar-archiv of choosen release. This archiv is not directly runnable. Please use the jar-tool that comes with your JDK to extract the archiv. In the archiv you will also find a copy of the release notes.

Source Release

We also provide a source-release of Jassda. But you should consider to access the source code from anonymous CVS. Module "jassda" contains Jassda's Java source code. See the CVS info page for further instructions on how to get access to the CVS. Every minor release of Jassda has its own branch in CVS, so when checking out JASSDA_<release>_BRANCH (e.g., JASSDA_0_6_BRANCH) you will get the most up-to-date source code of the release.

If you prefer the .src.jar-archiv you have to extract it with the jar-tool, too. You should also install the required external libraries to the lib/-directory.

Building Jassda is done by calling the Ant-tool. Go to the Jassda root directory (the directory containing build.xml, COPYING, ...) and invoke ant. If everything worked fine you will find the release in the build/-subdirectory.







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SourceForge Jassda Resources:

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